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    Traditional music

    Annual festivals like Kafkasör Yaylası Festival and Sports Festivities (Kafkasör Yaylası Spor Festivali), Maçahel Pure Caucasian Bee Honey and Ecotourism Festival (Macahel Saf Kafkas Arı ve Bal Festivali), International Hopa Culture Art and Sea Festival (Uluslararası Hopa Kültür Sanat ve Deniz Festivali), Kutul-Bilbilan Plateau Festivities (Kutul-Bilbilan Yayla Şenlikleri), International Arhavi Culture and Arts Festival  (Uluslararası Arhavi Kültür ve Sanat Festivali) gives visitors the chance to listen to traditional music accompanied by kemancha, bagpipes and drums, and watch traditional folk dances.

    Mençuna Waterfall

    Mençuna Waterfall (Mençuna Şelalesi) is in Küçükköy Kamilet hamlet, 17 kilometres away from Arhavi District. The waterfall is reached by a 1-hour trail road after leaving the vehicle road. This natural wonder that falls from 90 metres in two cascades is definitely a must-see. You can swim in the pond of the waterfall, sit on the observation terraces and have your picnic.

    Oçambre Waterfall

    Lome (Yolgeçen) Village of Arhavi district is a hidden gem in the region. The village is known by its scented black grapes and its waterfall. Oçambre Waterfall (Oçambre Şelalesi) is 2 kilometres away from the village centre and has a natural aqua slide. Courageous adventurers slip off this slide and immerse themselves in the cool waters.   

    Maçahel Seniors’ Choir

    A living national treasure, Maçahel Seniors’ Choir (Maçahel Yaşlılar Korosu) is a choir which sings century-old polyphonic tunes. Traditional Maçahel songs consist of polyphonic songs sung by people from the mountainous region close to Georgian border. It is believed this tradition to be 1500-year old.