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    Kaçkar Plateau and Kaçkar Mountains Tourism Centre

    Kaçkar Mountains are located between Rize and Yusufeli District of Artvin. Their highest peak is 3932-metres high Kavron. The mountains offer sharp glaciers, deep blue lakes, forests with all shades of green, rapids, and diverse flora and fauna. Kaçkar Mountains are very popular mountaineering destination. The climb is easier on southern track. You can admire Eastern Black Sea Mountains’ amazing view on clear, if not foggy. The mountains are covered with lush green forests and meadows.

    Hatila Vallen National Park and Glass Terrace

    Hatila Valley National Park (Hatila Vadisi Ulusal Parkı) in holds the flora of the Mediterranean and Black Sea climates and a wild fauna including bears, deer, foxes and eagles. Special beehives set on stands are home to bees producing delicious local honey. Hatila Valley is created by Hatila -one of the principal tributaries of Çoruh-. All along the valley, there are knickpoints because of lithologic differences, and these knickpoints created waterfalls. The area has more than 530 plant species and 85 of these are relict-endemic species. The glass terrace set in the valley offers amazing views of the region.

    Bilbilan Plateau

    The famous Bilbilan Plateau (Bilbilan Yaylası), surrounded by Karanlık Meşe and Yalnızçam mountains, borders Ardahan Province. The local people continue migratory traditions on the plateau which is 51 km east of Ardanuç District. On Saturday, there is a local open market set on the plateau: People buy food and essentials and a local stockyard is set next to the marked. In addition to its clear cold waters and lush vegetation, the plateau is also famous for its milk, cream and butter.

    Karçal Mountains

    Karçal Mountains (Karçal Dağları), located on the Georgian border, exhibit the best examples of temperate broadleaf and mixed forests. The mountains’ main characteristics are ecosystem diversity, high endemism rate and rich wildlife by virtue of sudden altitude changes. Karçal Mountains is a natural wonder exhibiting attractive small mountain villages, streams and waterfalls, lush green plateaus, magnificent forests of monumental trees, wild animals, and vegetation that is unique to the region.

    Beyazsu Plateau and Yıldızlı Lake

    A beautiful camping destination next to Karçal Mountains (Karçal Dağları), Beyazsu Plateau (Beyazsu Yaylası) is 82 kilometres away from Artvin city centre and 52 kilometres away from Borçka District centre. The plateau offers camping and other accommodation alternatives. Visitors can go trekking and hiking to Yıldızlı Lake (Yıldızlı Gölü) which is 2-hour walking distance from the plateau. 

    Çurispil Plateau

    Located in Konaklı Village, 15 kilometres away from Ardanuç District centre, Çuruspil plateau has the form of a wide meadow totally surrounded by forest. Held every year in July or August, Çuruspil Festival promotes social and cultural features of Ardanuç District.

    Şavşat Karagöl

    Located in Karagöl National Park (Karagöl Ulusal Parkı), Şavşat Karagöl is 25 km away from Şavşat town centre.  It is an ideal spot for camping and caravan camping. The lake and its surroundings are the natural habitat of numerous animals including lynx, brown bear, chamois, hazel grouse and birds of prey. Karagöl has a rare topographic character as its circumference is divided by valleys, and this particularity provoked active mass movements: Karagöl is a landslide dam. The surroundings are covered by pine and spruce forests.

    Camili Biosphere Reserve and Maral Waterfall

    Camili, also known as Maçahel, is the one and only registered biosphere reserve in Türkiye. With its amazingly rich flora, emerald green forests, awe-inspiring climate and beauties the region is followed by several national and international organizations. It is also home to the Caucasian honeybee race. Moreover, Camili is of global importance as it is located on one of the most important bird migration routes in the Western Palearctic region. Situated in the biosphere reserve, the 65-metre high Maral Waterfall (Maral Şelalesi) creates a beautiful lake in which visitors love to refresh.

    Arsiyan Plateau and Lakes

    Arsiyan Plateau and Lakes (Arsiyan Yayla ve Gölleri), near the Georgian border, is different from other plateaus of the region as its flora, lakes, fish and plants are totally idiosyncratic. In addition to these, it has evaporites, many hot springs of different sizes, and a lot of wild fruits. Arsiyan Plateau is known by its lakes and old settlements.

    Borçka Karagöl 

    The lake has been formed when a hill near Klaskur Plateau (Klaskur Yaylası) had blocked the Klaskur Stream (Klaskur Çayı) as a result of landslide in 1800s. Surrounded by rich forests and having a diverse flora, Borçka Karagöl is a good address for camping. It is also very popular spot for picnicking.