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    As it is the case all over Türkiye, Artvin has a well-developed cuisine, influenced by the Black Sea, Anatolian and Georgian cuisines, offering a wide variety of choices to visitors.

    Hopa Laz Böreği is a pastry registered as geographical indication. A mixture of eggs, butter, milk and sugar is spread in between yufka (phyllo) layers and baked in the oven. Right before it is fully cooked, black pepper is sprinkled on it.

    Another specialty which is registered as geographical indication is Puçuko which consists of sundried green beans cooked with tomato paste and bulgur. Optionally lemon or vinegar is added on it.

    Çinçar (nettle) soup, is a soup that is mainly cooked in locations close to the sea.  

    Çarğala dish consists of chard or spinach cooked with eggs in oil.

    Silor is a type of pastry. A dough is obtained with a mixture of water, milk, eggs and flour. It is rolled out and then lightly cooked on an iron plate or on the stove. The cooked phyllo dough is rolled up, and cut in 2 cm thickness, placed on trays and baked in the oven. Then it is slightly softened with water and eaten with pouring yogurt and melted butter on it.

    Honey making is one of the most important occupations in Artvin by virtue of the city’s natural beauties and diverse flora. Maçahel (Camili) is particularly famous with its high-quality, delicious honey.