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  • 10 vibes for Artvin

    like locals

    Camili, also known as Maçahel is the only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Türkiye. The region impresses visitors with its nature, culture and traditions.  

    Borçka Karagöl Lake, Şavşat Karagöl Lake, Kaçkar Mountains and Bilbilan Plateau are incredibly photogenic natural wonders.

    Yusufeli İşhanı, Dolishane and Barhal Churches will help you discover medieval Georgian culture.

    Local festivals (Kafkasör, Sahara, Ardanuç Çurispil) will give you the chance to discover traditional music of Artvin.

    Hopa Laz Böreği (pastry) and Puçuko are registered as geographical indication and special local delicacies you should discover.

    Artvin honey made by Caucasian bees is the perfect gift for your beloved ones.

    Şavşat-Madenköy is the perfect spot to witness the authentic lifestyle of the region.

    Artvin plateaus offer amazing camping options to nature lovers.

    Cehennem Deresi Canyon promises magnificent views to its visitors. Even though it is a challenging track, it motivates visitors by turning green in the spring.

    Atabarı Ski Centre located 18 kilometres away from the city centre, on Mersivan Plateau.

    Şavşat rugs are Colourful handmade beauties that you will want to bring back home.