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    Artvin offers a lot of activity options to nature lovers. Çoruh River (Çoruh Nehri) and Barhal Stream (Barhal Çayı) are perfect destinations to try out white water sports such as rafting and canoeing.   


    Date-plums are also called Laz dates or Trabzon dates. They grow in different villages of Yusufeli District, namely in Demirkent, Esenyaka and Yarbaşı. Ideal favourites are the small, seedless ones.   

    Stone figures

    Inspired by local clothes and accessories, stone dolls emerge as a result of intensive work. The basic material of the dolls is raw stone. It is then integrated with the ceramic paste and painted with local motifs.

    Rag dolls

    The people of Cevizli Village of Şavşat District make rag dolls with traditional clothes. The hair of these rag dolls is made of genuine human hair and they are all dressed in local clothes.

    Ehram weaving

    A registered geographical indication, ehram, also called “hanımeliçar” and “kenarı kırmızı” in the region, is a women’s outerwear woven using fine sheep wool.  In the past, it was mainly woven in Yusufeli District. Today, middle aged women in the region have a couple of ehram in their traditional wooden chests. Especially used on special occasions, it is a traditional status symbol.

    Wood work

    Artvin is covered with wide forests and it has been the biggest factor in the development of woodwork. From agriculture to weaving, from sleds to tables and cradles, various woodwork items are used in the region and also sold to neighbouring provinces.


    Regional items like woollies, textiles, rugs, carpets, prayer rugs, gaberdine, socks, leggings and many more are woven on looms called “kuy”. A perfect example of traditional weaving, famous Şavşat rugs, owe their beautiful colors to madder.   


    Pottery is a very old traditional handcraft. Artisans make objects like bowls, jars, casseroles, etc.